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Philadelphia pet sitter with background check

We're Glad You're Here!

Peoples 'N' Puppers is your Philly based dog walking and dog sitting business!

Let’s start off by letting you know that we are both certified in Pet First Aid and CPR; because knowing how to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy is of utmost priority to us!

We are a licensed bonded and insured company which means everyone is covered whether your dog comes to our home or we are visiting your home!

We are also proud members of Pet Sitters International who are dedicated to educating professional pet sitters and promoting, supporting, and recognizing excellence in pet sitting!

You and your dog can trust that you will feel comfortably satisfied with the reliable care and peace of mind you will experience with us on your team!

Dog Paw
Dog Paw

Meet Jenni

She/Her, Co-Owner

Jenni has  been working with animals since she was 12 years old. Her very first job was being the pony ride attendant at the local fairs & festivals near her childhood home in Downingtown… Since then, & throughout her life, despite other career paths, she’s continued to expand her professional experience with animals & really prioritized my passion for learning about & loving dogs! Jenni’s professional animal experience includes working in kennels, as a vet tech, a grooming assistant & bather, a doggy daycare attendant and a dog walker & sitter. She was once even a dog nanny to a Wheaten Terrier out in Willow Grove! Jenni is knowledgeable about & can handle dogs of any breed, size or temperament. She also has experience with medication administration & various training techniques. Jenni worked in the mental health field for more than 25 years where she was in service to people in home, community, educational settings & in her own private practice as a therapist, consultant, advocate, activist & adjunct professor. All that to basically say… Jenni is a highly organized, detail oriented & responsible person who is able to interact with people from diverse cultures with ease. Jenni values her ability to integrate her people skills with her animal compassion to be an integral part of your team!

Dog treat
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Meet Erick

He/Him, Co-Owner

Erick has an oddly unique level of patience that he blends with dedicated care & compassion with both people & puppers.

Erick has experience working as a dog walker in the Main Line where he was able to professionally expand his knowledge & skill sets related to animal behavior modification and  training techniques.  While there Erick also worked with dogs who had physical disabilities, with dogs who were survivors of  abuse and abandonment and gained experience with senior dog care

Not only does Erick have professional experience, he has grown up with dogs in his home throughout his entire life. He house trained his first dog at the young age of  6 years old & later raised his best furry friend from the time she was a puppy until the ripe age of 16. She received a lot of love which was evident in her maintaining a puppy zest for life until the very end.

Erick is a strong guy, which allows him to easily handle big dogs, but he’s also gentle enough to make elderly dogs feel safely supported & to let smaller breeds feel like they are an important part of the pack!

Erick is  a very responsible & trustworthy person who can follow detailed instructions. This was a valuable skill set for him when he owned & operated a home services business for almost a decade. Erick takes pride in being an excellent communicator & enjoys blending a personable yet professional approach to relationship building.

Dog Treat

Fun Fact:

Jenni and Erick are Engaged and Getting Married in September 2024!

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Our Services

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Whether you have long work days or other responsibilities that keep you out of the home... Or if you work from home with an intense schedule that doesn't permit time to entertain your dog's needs, we are here to help!

We know that each dog is different, every household has different schedules, and therefore what people need isn’t exactly the same. For those reasons we offer individual and customized dog walking services in 30, 45 or 60 minute windows of time and you decide if this is solely for a walk, or more like a visit, or anywhere in between!


During our scheduled walk time we can go on a long walk, go out for a quick potty break, play some fetch or tug-of war, snuggle & cuddle with belly rubs, feed meals, refill water bowls, administer medications (pills or drops), practice training tricks or obedience tasks, ect. You choose what works best for you and no need to worry about any hidden upcharges to meet your dog's needs!


You can purchase walks individually for fluctuating schedules or in packs for ongoing and consistent walking needs.

Companion Visits

Drop-in dog care services

Our companion visits are perfect for people who have long days out of the home or who are taking short vacations.


For these visits we come to spend time with your dog for a 4 hour window. Just like our dog walking services we can provide a variety of services to meet your pups needs.


We can go on a long walk, go out for a quick potty break, play some fetch or tug-of war, snuggle & cuddle with belly rubs, feed meals, refill water bowls, administer medications (pills or drops), or practice training tricks or obedience tasks.

*If you are a medical professional, first responder or flight attendant who works long hours for consecutive days, please inquire about special package rates just for you!

Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting

If you’re going on vacation, let your dog enjoy your vacation too by coming to stay with us in the comfort of our home! We believe that our current dogs who experience our overnight dog care think of our home like a dog resort. It’s their relaxing home away from home when their parents are out of town.

We live in a quiet gated community with lots of grassy areas to explore. We also have access to a semi private dog park where your dog can enjoy some off leash fetch or have space to get all of their zoomies out in the safety of a fenced in area.

We only allow one dog at a time to come stay with us unless there are multiple dogs in your family. That way you can rest assured knowing that your dog is our number one priority and receiving our undivided love, time and attention!


We are also located near most major and local highways in the area for easy drop off and pick up! We invite you to bring your dogs bedding, bowls, toys, food and treats to be sure their stay is as comfortable as possible with all of their necessary and favorite creature comforts present!

dog walkers with pet sitting options
how to deal with dog death

Canine Grief Counseling

The loss of a furry loved one is a uniquely painful loss. Dogs are literally the best examples and experiences of unconditional love that many of us have, or may ever experience. When your pup dies it’s just like losing a family member, but we don’t often get the support to grieve that loss in the ways we need to.

You deserve space to process all that your pup meant and all of the feelings that arise due to their absence.

Join co-owner and retired therapist Jenni Graham who has 20 plus years of experience in the mental health field as she guides you through a process of validation, acceptance, integration and creation related to the death of your pup. If it was recent, or even if it was years ago… it’s never too late. We are here for you!

For more information and to get started please email us at

dog walkers with pet sitting options
dog walkers with pet sitting options
dog walkers with pet sitting options
dog walkers with pet sitting options
dog walkers with pet sitting options
Average dog sitting rates
Overnight dog sitting rates
Click below for a full outline of our service rates and areas.
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7 Reasons to Use Our Services


Peace of Mind

Knowing your dog is in good hands with professional dog walkers and reliable dog sitters while you're at work or on vacation will reduce stress and worry for you! No need to feel guilty about enjoying a fulfilling life that may not always be able to accommodate your furry loved one. We are able to provide consistent and personalized care in your absence to keep your dog healthy and happy!


Individualized Care

We provide personalized dog walking services and personalized dog sitting services when you can't be there. This level of individual care allows us to ensure your dog’s specific needs and preferences are met. Personalized care can enhance the overall well-being and happiness of your dog by keeping them on a consistent routine with feeding, walking, and playtime; as well as reinforcing training techniques as needed.


Safety and Security

As canine care professionals we are trained to handle emergencies and can provide knowledgeable care or seek immediate help in case of an emergency. This includes our ability to focus on safety during walks by managing any risks or hazards.


Health Management

We ensure that your dog gets regular and consistent exercise and playtime which helps to maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of health issues. We also avoid giving dogs any table scraps and are aware of the foods that can cause illness in dogs.


Reduced Stress for Your Dog

Companionship reduces feelings of loneliness and decreases feelings related to separation anxiety. Being cared for in a familiar environment, or in a space that feels like a “home away from home”, reduces stress and anxiety for dogs by providing a comfortable and secure dog boarding environment where they receive lots of love and snuggles!


Behavior Improvement

Regular physical exercise and mental stimulation can help reduce behavior problems caused by excess energy which is particularly important for high-energy breeds or younger pups. We prioritize offering exercise and play at appropriate levels for puppy care through senior dog care to meet both of these needs with all Peoples N Puppers services.


Expert Care

As dog lovers, expert pet cuddlers and full-time pet sitters, we value personal and professional growth. So we are always learning and growing through time spent reading, watching videos and attending workshops. We love sharing useful information so please check us out on our social platforms where you can learn about dog behaviors, dog breed character traits, health and wellness tips plus training tips and techniques!


Daily Dog Walks Service

1) Why Should I Hire a Dog Walker?

Hiring professional dog walkers ensures that your dog gets enough exercise and attention when you’re busy with other life commitments. Our personalized and individual services can accommodate your schedule as well as any specific needs based on your dog's health, behavior and personality. As professional dog walkers we will enter into a service contract and have you complete a key release or lockbox form to grant us access to your home.

2) How do I Book Your Services and What’s Included?

Our custom dog care services for dog walking and dog boarding start with a meet and greet that can be scheduled after creating your free PNP account with us. If you’re interested in dog walking services we will come to your home and if you’re interested in dog sitting services you and your dog will come to our home. This allows us to connect in person to make sure we’re a good fit and that everyone feels comfortable. During the meet and greet we will review all of your account details related to your dog’s feeding and walking schedules, favorite activities as well as any fears or dislikes and any behavioral concerns. From there you can easily request services through your PNP account which can be accessed through our mobile app or on your web browser. Dog sitting services are booked based on overnights just like you would book a hotel for yourself. Dog walking services can be requested in 30, 45 or 60 minute intervals and we also offer 4 hour long companion visits for when your dog needs that extra time and attention.

3) What Types of Dogs do You Walk?

We do not have any restrictions for dogs based on breed or size and have experience with small dogs, large dogs, puppies and senior dogs! We are also able to accommodate most dogs' with medical conditions and behavioral concerns.

4) Can You Offer Customized Walks Based on my Dog’s Needs?

Yes! We provide individual attention for both our dog walking and dog sitting services. We only work with one dog at a time or multiple dogs from the same family which allows us greater flexibility in prioritizing your dog's specific needs or preferences. Your dog will have the same walker (or sitter) for each visit. However life happens… So to ensure continuity of services due to staff emergencies we will provide back up walkers if your regular walker is unavailable. We will always do our best to inform you of these changes at least 24 hours in advance.

5) Will You Provide Updates During Walks or Visits?

Yes! We offer dog walking services with real-time updates and photos for all of our services through your PNP account. After each walk when your dog is safely back home you will receive a detailed service report with notes about your dog’s walk including photos of our time together. For dog sitting services you will receive daily photo updates and notes about how your dog is enjoying their visit! For our companion visits you will receive a combination of a detailed report card, notes and photo updates once the visit is complete.

6) How do You Handle Medical Concerns?

First things first, we are certified in pet first aid and CPR and offer dog walking and dog sitting with medication administration of pills or drops at no extra charge. We are also capable of administering injections for a small fee. We have each owner fill out a veterinarian release form which highlights the kind of treatment and financial parameters we should follow should there be a medical emergency that requires a trip to the veterinarian. We also carry a list of local vets and 24 hour emergency vets should a medical emergency be time sensitive and require us to get your dog to a vet asap. You will always be notified in the event of an emergency and we will contact your emergency contact if we are unable to get in touch with you after several attempts.

Midday potty breaks and dog walks

7) Are You Bonded and Insured?

Yes! As a professional canine care company we are prepared and protected in case of any accident or incident. This means that we have liability insurance to cover any financial losses due to any accidents that may occur while your dog is in our care and that we carry a dishonesty bond to reimburse you should there be any issue about any lost or stolen property.

8) Can You Provide Background Check Clearances or References?

Yes! At your request, and to further ensure the safety and reliability of our services, we can provide proof of incident free background checks. We are also able to provide references from previous clients should you desire reassurance about our quality of service. You can also check out our satisfactory reviews on Google from both previous and current clients.

9) Is There Flexibility in Scheduling Walks?

Yes! We offer flexible dog walking services by having no minimum requirement for the frequency or number of walks needed to schedule with us. You can set up ongoing weekly or monthly walks, but if you have a fluctuating schedule you can book walks as needed! We are able to accommodate last minute requests or changes for walks based on availability as long as they do not conflict with our cancellation policy. There is no fee for last minute bookings, but we cannot always guarantee that we’ll be available. We ideally like walks to be scheduled, at minimum, one week in advance. Walks can also be scheduled a month at a time, or more, depending on your schedule. You will request walks (and all services) through your PNP account and they will be approved within 24 hours.

10) What is Your Cancellation Policy?

All walks are subject to a 100% cancellation fee if notice is given 24 hours or less prior to the scheduled walk. All companion visits are subject to a 100% cancellation fee if notice is given 48 hours or less prior to the scheduled visit. All overnight dog sitting services are subject to a 100% cancellation fee if notice is given 10 days or less prior to the scheduled overnight stay.

Weekend dog walking services

What People are Saying...

Chow Golden Retreiver MixMix and Rescue Mutt
"Jenni and Erick are wonderful sitters! When we lived in Philadelphia, our dogs stayed with them on many occasions, and we also used their walking services. They were very attentive to both dogs' different needs (one a senior and one with lots of energy) and gave both dogs lots of love and attention. They are incredibly trustworthy, responsible, easy to communicate with, and passionate about what they do, and we would absolutely recommend them!"

- Claire and Vitaly

Mobile App Updates for Pet Sitting
Mobile App Updates for Pet Sitting
Dog sitters at their home
Affordable pet sitting
Dog with Toy


Daily Walking Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm
​​Weekend and After Hours

Walks Available Upon Request.


Click below for an overview of important documents and forms.

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